Important Guided Info

1. Guided am duck hunts start at legal shooting light.

2. If groups have 6 people it is a private duck hunt and lodging. (No mix party)

3. We hunt where the best opportunities of success are each day. (Timber, fields, swamps, or oxbow lakes)

4. Guides will reach out in evenings after scouting with details of the morning hunts around 5:30-7 pm.

5. Dogs are welcome if its a private party hunt.

6. All lodges are fully furnished facilities.

7. Guided duck hunts end at 11 am each day.

8. Evening goose hunts takes place at 2 pm each day.

9. After Guided duck hunts a pin will be sent of the location to the field we will be goose hunting at each day with guides number attached if you have any questions.

10. Upon arrival of the goose hunting pin a Guide will be there shortly to pick y'all up and explain the hunt after they are setup and ready.  ( if there not there when you pull up just hang tight until the guides come out field)

11. Goose hunts are booked first come first serve basis.( we encourage to pre-book these hunts)

12. Guides will call all the shots

13. Hunters must pay upon arrival

14. Hunters are responsible to obey all state and federal laws.

15 Hunters are responsible for all duck and goose processing. ( there is license processor around the area we can share contacts with)

16. License can be bought online at

Important season and licensing info!

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